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About CVSA

CVSA is an all-volunteer charity with no paid workers. We are registered with the charity commission and comply with their requirements including regular updates of our finances.

Why join?

By joining you make us all stronger. Working together we can do more, achieve more.

Members receive two 32 page newsletters a year packed with the latest information and medical news about CVS, as well as individual sufferers stories and articles with write ups of presentations made at our annual meeting by medical experts.

Attendance at our annual "Family Day", a meeting where we have expert speakers talk about CVS diagnosis, latest treatments and discoveries and future developments in the field. We have previously had expert speakers from the USA, Spain, Italy as well as the UK. We bring the world's experts to you.There are opportunities to meet other sufferers and ask the experts questions, we provide free creche facilities for children over 3. One of the most popular parts of the day is the opportunity to have individual one-to-one's with the medical expert, a rare opportunity to meet the experts and ask your own questions. Learn more about Family Day here.

Regular email updates on breaking CVS news throughout the year.

How do I join?

Download our membership form here.

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Gift Aid

By signing the Gift Aid declaration on the membership form, UK taxpayers (see the full details on the form) can allow us to claim back the tax on their donation/membership from the government. This is a really simple and easy way to increase the value of your donation at no cost to you. Please complete this section and let us know if your status changes. Gift Aid is a really important contribution to our finances and helping our work, please complete the form when you join.



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Information about CVSA UK



Our charity constitution states our aims as follows:

1) For the relief of persons suffering from Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome by providing and assisting in the provision of treatment for such persons and by providing and assisting in the provision of advice, information and counselling for such persons and for their parents, families and carers.

2) To advance education in the cause, cure, prevention and relief of Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome and related onditions by promoting medical research and disseminating the useful results of such research.


General Policy


We do not sell or pass on any personal information about our members to any third party. Members can choose to have their information stored as a paper record not electronically if they prefer.


We do not discriminate on sex, age, race, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or any other factors. Anyone with an interest in CVS who supports the aims of the charity is welcome.

Medical advice

We have all information we publish checked for accuracy by our medical advisors. We do not provide medical advice, always seek help from your own doctor. We present information about CVS that we hope will be helpful and educate. We do publish sufferers, and parents/carers, own stories, these represent the opinion of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CVSA UK or its trustees. Information therein should not be taken as constituting medical advice.


Financial information

Our income and spending record is available on the charity commission website, full accounts are presented, and distributed each year at our annual general meeting, or on request from a member unable to attendon the day. Trustees are unpaid and claim only expenses directly related to supporting the work of CVSA UK.

We have three main sources of income:

a) Membership fees and renewal fees.

We keep these as low as possible but we have some fixed costs we need to cover, e.g. this website, publication of newsletters and our annual meeting.

Gift Aid contributions can add a significant amount to any fee or donation we recieve. See above.

b) Advertising

Our editorial content is not influenced by the funding sources. Our website hosts sponsored ads and links from which the charity earns a small income, 100% of this income is spent on supporting the charities aims. We don't accept advertising from any adult-orientated material or from advertisers promoting any "treatments" for CVS.

Our website hosts advertising banners only. Advertisement is distinguished by the word ‘Advertisement’

By clicking on a link an advertiser is notified that you purchased after following a link from our site. We receive no personal information at all, the process is anonymous and we do not track you in any way. We earn a small amount from the advertisers profit, (you pay the same price if you order via our site or directly.. This can vary from 0.5-2%. Although small in amount, this can add up and help defray the publication costs we face, please use our links whenever possible it's a really simple way to generate income at no cost to yourself.

c) Donations

Donations from members and organisations, funds raised from sponsored charity activities etc are an important source of income and can be bolstered by Gift Aid too.